Trackimo 3G GPS Tracker Wi-Fi Bluetooth with Drone attachment kit

Trackimo 3G GPS Tracker Wi-Fi Bluetooth with Drone attachment kit




Trackimo® is an intelligent GPS-GSM tiny device allowing you to see exactly every move of your Drone on mobile phone or tablet. Trackimo Drone GPS Tracker ensures the recovery of your recently purchased Drone in the unfortunate event of a fly away due to: Loss of line of sight, dragged by the wind, radio interference, software glitches, faulty firmware upgrade, controller app crash or piloting error.

Trackimo’s location is accessible through any computer or mobile device from any spot in the world, with unique Revolutionary GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi/BT Hybrid tracking, use 4 different technologies to accurately Locate anything Worldwide. Wi-Fi tracking for indoor tracking. Bluetooth tracking used for accurately track the last 10-100 feet of your drone landing.

Device is including SIM card loaded with 1 year international cellular service and working out of the box.

Trackimo 3G Drone GPS Tracker comes with drone attachment kit. It is made of special, industrial grade Hook and Loop strap. It will fit 95% of all drone types and weighs only 3 gram compared to 30-40 gram plastic mounts.

Advantages of Trackimo Drone Attachment kit over Plastic mount:

1.The Trackimo kit is far less likely to detach in case of collision or hard landing.

2. The Trackimo kit is more aerodynamic, creating less air resistance than plastic mounts.

3. Weighing only 3 gram, the Trackimo kit has little to no effect on the balance and stability of your drone.

Additional information

Special Features

Speed alert – get alerts once device exceeds preset speed.
Fence alert – get alerts once device leaving geo-fence you set.
Move alert – get alerts once device starts moving.
SOS alert once SOS button pressed + 2 more preset alerts buttons.
Get app, email and/or SMS alerts.
Live tracking of device path with 1 minute updates.
Long battery life: 1 month in battery save mode.
Smallest and lightest tracker, only 1.4 Ounce.
Manage and add up to 100 devices to one account.
Keep history for up to 5 years showing complete device path history.
Can set a link to share by email of website embed the device's live path.
Water resistant: product comes with silicon cover.


Low Monthly Service Cost – Only $5 per month after the first 12 month service period is over. No roaming fees. Trackimo offers the lowest monthly .service cost of any consumer tracking device worldwide.
Worldwide Coverage – Trackimo device can be tracked via web or smartphone app anywhere 2G GSM cellular reception exists worldwide.
SOS Button – With one press of the SOS button, the location can be broadcast via app notification, email, or text.
Real Time Tracking – GPS and GSM provide instant, highly accurate current location and one year of history.
Smart Alerts – User alerts via text, email, and app notifications for location change, customized speed thresholds, and sudden movement or impact. (Text messages are limited to 10 messages per month).
Free Android and iPhone APPS.
Full customer service and phone support by dedicated experts.

*The monthly service pays for the worldwide SIM card using the GSM network to report the real time positioning of the device (just like AT&T etc. has monthly fee).

Reasons drone flies away

Fighting the wind.
Radio interference.
Faulty firmware upgrade.
Loss of line of sight.
Software glitches.
Bad Global Positioning System data.
Loss of connections to controllers.
Piloting error.

30% of drone owners experienced flyaway.
Never lose your drone.

System Specifications

Item Weight: 1.4 ounces/ 42 Grams.
Item Dimensions: L: 1.8”, W: 1.6”, H: 0.7” (L: 47mm, W: 40mm, H: 17mm).
Network Band: Quad gsm 850 / gsm 900 / dcs 1800 / pcs 1900.
Update rate: Once per minute.
Batteries: 600mah Lithium-ion battery (Standby time 144+ hr).
Product Warranty: 1 year.
Battery Activity time: 48-96 hours.


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