OBD to Micro USB Cable for GPS Tracker

OBD to Micro USB Cable for GPS Tracker


Use your Trackimo in a vehicle and don’t worry about charging the device. Get constant power supply using the OBD port in the car.

OBD2 Cable, 16Pin OBD II Male to 90 Degree Micro USB Intelligent Power stabilizer charging cable/adopter.

  • Wire length: 7 feet (2 meters).
  • High efficiency conversion rate from 95% to 98% when 12V input and from 88% to 90% when 24V input.
  • 1.6A overcurrent protection with accurate current limiting from 0-2A.
  • 5.6V overvoltage protection from damaging devices.
  • 11.5V low voltage protection detected automatically to avoid excessive loss of storage battery causing unsuccessful ignition.
  • Short circuit protection to reduce the possibility of spontaneous combustion.


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