Welcome to Trackimo® Africa

Moskowi Investments is the sole distributor for Trackimo in Africa. Due to our partnership arrangement, the prices we offer for Trackimo is very competitive for the African market.
Security and tracking in the Middle East is highly regulated. Our team has operated in the Middle East for over 12 years and are well positioned to assist you with tracking solutions for this area.
Know where your valuables are

Whether it is your car, bicycle, motorcycle, child / kid, family member, luggage or any other assets or valuables.

Know where your loved ones are

Trackimo offers protection of your kids, your family and the elderly within your family.

Know where you pets are

Whether it is your dog, cat, cattle or other animals roaming around freely, Trackimo GPS trackers can show you in real-time where to find your animals.

Customised security solutions

Contact us to speak to one of our specialised security consultants on your tailor made tracking and security requirements

Custom Development

We have a couple of tracking apps that we developed around the Trackimo tracking devices and API. Need an app?

  • VIP gps tracking
  • kids tracker watch
  • gps tracking devices for kids
  • gps dog tracker
  • gps tracker for motorcycles
  • gps tracker for trucks
  • gps bicycle tracker
  • gps car tracker
  • gps fleet tracking
  • gps asset tracker

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Trackimo® Africa Location

South Africa

  • South Africa, 8 West Street, Houghton,
    Johannesburg, Gauteng

  • +1 234 56 78

  • gotcha@trackimo.co.za


  • +971 56 170 2135


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